Your Dental Benefits

Medshield Medical Scheme has partnered with Dental Information Systems (DENIS) for Dental Benefit Management Services since 2014.

Dental benefits are divided into Conservative Dentistry, Specialised Dentistry, and Hospitalisation/Anaesthetics.

Please refer to the Medshield dental benefit tables for a summary of the dental benefits offered by your selected benefit option.

To ensure your service experience is as efficient as possible the service channels are outlined below.

  • For pre-authorisation for in-hospital dental treatment or moderate/deep sedation in the dental rooms,
    contact the Medshield Managed Care Contact Centre (DENIS) telephonically on 086 000 2121.


  • For pre-authorisation for Specialised Dentistry including orthodontics, periodontics and request for crowns, bridges, dental implants and dentures,
    contact Medshield telephonically on 086 000 2120.


    Application forms (when required) for these specialised dental services can be obtained from the Medshield member call centre (086 000 2120).

  • For all other dental enquiries including claims queries and benefit confirmation,
    contact Medshield telephonically on 086 000 2120.


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