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Denis Dental Benefits

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Denis provides and manages sustainable dental benefits for medical scheme members. Please check the dental benefit guides  to confirm  the schemes and dental benefits options managed by Denis on behalf of the scheme.

Benefits are divided into: Conservative Dentistry; Specialised Dentistry; and Hospitalisation/Anaesthetics. 

Conservative Dentistry

​Conservative dentistry is also known as basic or routine dentistry. It means the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of tooth and gum diseases as well as the repair of defective teeth. 

The following treatments and procedures are included: 
Oral hygiene (scale and polish)
Intra-oral and extra-oral x-rays
Root canal treatment
Plastic dentures.

Please consult the dental benefit guides for specific conservative benefits applicable to the schemes and options managed by Denis.

Specialised Dentistry

Specialised dentistry (also known as advanced dentistry) occurs when teeth need to be replaced or when badly damaged teeth need to be repaired and a filling (conservative dentistry) would not be adequate.

Authorisation is required for some treatment before treatment starts. 

This includes the following treatments: 

Partial metal frame dentures
Crowns & bridgework  (*Pre-Authorisation required)
Implants (*Pre-Authorisation required)
Orthodontics (*Pre-Authorisation required)
Periodontics (*Pre-Authorisation required)
Maxillo-Facial Surgery 
Oral Pathology 

Not all options have specialised dentistry benefits; please refer to the dental benefit guides to confirm which schemes and options have specialised dentistry benefits.

Hospitalisation & Anaesthetics

Certain dental procedures (e.g. removal of impacted teeth or extensive dental treatment) might require IV conscious sedation in the rooms or even general anaesthetics (GA) in hospital.  

Authorisation is required before treatment. 

Some options offer limited access to hospital for dental treatment; please refer to the dental benefit guides to confirm schemes and options levels of access to this specific benefit.

Denis Tariff Lists

Dental benefits are subject to clinical protocols and managed care interventions which may include the requirement of treatment plans and/or radiographs prior to benefit application.

Scheme exclusions apply to dental benefits. In the event of a dispute, the rules of the scheme will prevail.



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