About Denis

​​​Denis has been a leader in dental managed-care services since 1996. Our extensive experience in dental risk management combines with cutting-edge technology to offer a world-class service relevant to the South African market.

In 2012 Denis was acquired by EOH Health, a leader in African healthcare. Today, EOH Health touches the lives of over 3 million beneficiaries throughout Africa, Europe and the US. Clients are served in the fields of Advisory and Consulting; Hospital, Dental and Primary Care Risk Management; Workplace Health and Wellness solutions; and Wellness Events Management.

We strive to strengthen and enhance quality healthcare delivery, designing our services to ensure maximum outcomes for each of our clients.

Moreover, Denis is proud to have achieved an 'AA' BEE rating, and is a Level 2 contributor; we constantly aspire to improve these ratings through our transformation programmes.

​Dental Benefit​ Management

Today's Challenge

Traditionally, dental benefit risk has been contained by a simple financial limit imposed on a family's annual dentistry treatments. This usually results in the benefit becoming a financial target and often leads to inappropriate or unnecessary treatment.

How EOH Health can help

At EOH Health, modern science and technology combine with clinical and actuarial expertise to offer a world-class dental benefit management service where benefits are optimally designed and appropriately used.

EOH Health's dental management team has provided benefit risk management services for over 18 years, proving highly effective in:

  • Adapting benefits to address priority needs
  • Optimising the use of benefits
  • Minimising fraud and abuse
  • Operating within overall benefit limits
 ​In fact, EOH Health has such confidence in its risk management service that it takes full financial risk for dental benefits in most contractual arrangements.

A fully integrated risk management solution

EOH offers its business value proposition through a series of service models customised to suit client requirements. A range of risk management contracts is available, each offering a different suite of services.

​​​ Contract Type
​Full Risk Transfer ContractRisk Management Contract​​Pre-Authorisation Contract​Network Management Contract​Advisory Service
​SERVICESComprehensive Claims Managed Care​
​Pre-Authorisation Services​
​Call Centre Services
​Forensic Audit Services​
Benefit Design Services​
​Clinical Advisory Services
​Network Management Services
​Member & Service Provider Communication & Newsletters

Our track record

Optimal Health outcomes can be achieved by implementing the following management services:

  • Hospital pre-authorisation
  • Managed-care rules and interventions
  • D​entist network arrangements
​​Even though we focus on optimizing health outcomes,savings arise indirectly from behavioural changes once the EOH Health risk management service is established as patient oral health improves. Over time our managed care and dental toothchart ensure dental costs do not run away with a medical scheme:

The following savings were recorded in the annual report of a medical scheme that had implemented the EOH Health dental benefit management solution:
  • 16% of the annual dental benefit budget was saved due to pre-authorisation services
  • 7% of the annual dental benefit budget was saved thanks to benefit and tariff rule management.

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